How Rich Is The Jamba Juice CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?

Jamba Juice is a chain that claims to offer something delicious to every kind of customer, whether they're searching for a plant-based snack or want to sip on a refreshing sugar-free drink to beat the heat. According to its website, the company's vast menu extends beyond the smoothies and juices it's widely known for. It also includes a variety of offerings such as sandwiches, chips, and baked food items like pretzels and waffles.

The company was acquired by an organization called Focus Brands in September 2018. Experienced professionals were recruited to be a part of the new Jamba team, such as Geoff Henry who was appointed as the company's president (via Jamba). While the exact numbers remain unknown, Focus Brands is pretty successful. Its revenue is believed to be as high as $498 Million (via Zoom Info). The brand's current CEO is Jim Holthouser, who takes care of several brands including Jamba Juice. His net worth remains unknown but is believed to be quite high considering that he's leading a diverse portfolio at Focus Brands. It also helps that he has over 30 years of experience, so his pay check must be fairly impressive.

Jamba has work to do when it comes to employee satisfaction

As far as the employees at Jamba are concerned, they're not too happy about their pay packages at the moment. According to Indeed, only 46% of the company's workers say that they're content with their salaries. There are several benefits available to employees, though. Team members get discounts at the store, insurance options, retirement plans, bonuses, flexible schedules, stock options, and more.

Indeed reports that team members make $12.39 hourly while shift leaders get around $13.19. Restaurant staff members earn around $9.80, and shift managers, meanwhile, get $12.41 every hour. However, as you work your way up, you have the potential to earn more. Case in point: Store managers are paid $17.74 and general managers make around $18.82 hourly (via Indeed). The numbers are similar on Glassdoor and so are the less-than-satisfied reviews. Several former employees pointed out in their comments that the pay was too low and that they weren't happy with their packages. Hopefully, Jamba will take this to heart.