Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Crème Brûlée Bowls

For those who love cool, creamy, spoonable desserts, one confection is truly king — crème brûlée. French for "burnt cream," the custardy mixture of heavy cream, eggs yolks, sugar, and vanilla bean with a shattering sugar crust is, in the eyes of many, the very picture of elegance (via Food Network). Just two problems: To make it at home you need a blow torch, and to get it at a restaurant, you might have to shell out double-digit dollars. However, Aldi's new offering eliminates both of these issues.

Aldi fan Instagram @aldi.mademedoit posted a photo of the grocer's new Specially Selected frozen crème brûlée, described as a "rich and creamy vanilla custard with brown sugar topping ready for caramelizing [in the oven] in its own ceramic dish." The frozen dessert is imported from France, comes with two single-serving crème brûlées per package, and goes for $4 to $5 depending on location, according to Redditors. Based on the comments on @aldimademedoit's post, they're selling out fast, so keep an eye on your location's frozen aisle for its return.

Aldi's frozen crème brûlée comes with a long-lasting bonus

The sweetness isn't over once you finish the last bite of your Aldi crème brûlée, which @aldi.mademedoit calls a two-in-one treat. Why? The ramekins included in the package are ceramic and can be reused for anything from breakfast dishes to more custard-based desserts. An Instagram commenter suggests using them for oven-baked over-easy eggs, while Redditors recommend them for tapas and chips, melty goat cheese with marinara, or highly refined cat-food bowls.

If you get your hands on the treat, Redditors have a few cooking tips. While the package instructions say to broil the crème brûlées for two minutes, some customers found that 10 minutes is best for the crispiest crust — and if you have a blow torch, even better. Let it cool, crack the shell with a light tap of a spoon, and dive into "the highly enjoyable dessert," says one Reddit user who has already pledged to buy it again.