Here's How To Get Cast On Food Network Star

Being a part of a popular competitive cooking show is like living a childhood dream: you get to entertain scores of viewers, prove your mettle in front of the camera, and win over fans with your talent. One such show that has been a popular name in the TV industry is "Food Network Star." According to IMDb, the show debuted on Food Network in 2005. Its premise is intriguing: talented participants need to beat each other in order to win and host their very own TV show. 

"Food Network Star" has collaborated with several well-known chefs and TV personalities over the years such as Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay. But what do you need to do in order to get the chance to even be a part of the show and present yourself to TV audiences? Well, as per chef Jessica Tom, who was previously cast on "Food Network Star," it's a good idea to be sure that you really want to be a part of food television. It's a lot of pressure, and it isn't appealing to those who prefer to maintain a low profile. You also need to have impressive screen presence to get noticed by the "Food Network Star" casting team. 

You have to keep some things in mind

As per Chef Tom, if you're hoping to be a participant on "Food Network Star" and work alongside celebrated names such as Giada De Laurentiis, you need to do your research. The casting process for "Food Network Star" is handled by a New York based agency called JS Casting. According to the company's website, you begin the process by submitting a couple of application forms online. Specifically, you need to answer questions such as what makes you an expert on food and whether you've had any notable experience in the culinary industry. You also need to attach photos and online links to videos if you have them. Always a good idea if you're trying to make a good first impression, eh?

Also, "Food Network Star" is only open to those who are at least 18 years old or older. Additionally, the program doesn't accept applicants who've already had experience hosting any kind of national food TV show. As Tom writes, you need to put some thought into your written application and make sure that you're focusing on "what's at stake" for you. "You have to consider why viewers should care about you," she explained. "Like writing a novel, a storyline works best if there's something important, even life-and-death, about the outcome."