The Hilarious Way One Person Dispensed Pizza Rolls From Their Freezer

Ah, pizza rolls. Such a delicious snack that does not get far enough credit. If you've ever tried to make pizza rolls at home and wished for an easier way to get access to them, or make them taste even better without going to too much trouble, the internet is here to the rescue. Yes, there are convenient hacks out there even for pizza rolls, as seen on Reddit. On the forum, one person suggested to deep fry the rolls for even better results, advising, "Since they are small, it's pretty easy to do on the stovetop with minimal oil." Another Redditor recommended using Italian seasoning and blue cheese as toppings for an extra kick.

But our favorite hack may be from an Imgur user that managed to pull off something rather amazing when they converted their ice dispenser into a pizza roll station, as run down by Delish. The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Seriously, it's mind-blowing.

Who needs ice when you can have a pizza roll dispenser instead?

The Imgur user's hack is ideal if you want to gift yourself the right portion of frozen pizza rolls straight from your fridge. As explained by Wonder How To, the ice dispensers that are now a standard feature on many refrigerators can be used for many things if you're willing to experiment a little. The Imgur genius converted their ice chamber into a pizza roll dispenser and was not disappointed.

It's simple logic: Typical pizza rolls are similar to ice cubes in terms of their size, which means that you definitely can use the chamber as a portal for pizza rolls and a quick dispenser. Once on your plate, all you have to do is pop those bad boys into the microwave for a snack ready in minutes. Just make sure to use them before the dreaded freezer burn hits.