This TikTok Hack Takes Your Frozen Pizza Rolls To The Next Level

Forget pizza delivery, because when the craving hits, pizza rolls are the ultimate snack. And now, with the help of a new TikTok hack, your frozen pizza rolls can go from bland to the bomb. As shared on Totino's TikTok account, the flavor boost is really simple. After cooking them, either in the airfryer, oven, or microwave, Totino's says to simply toss them in garlic Parmesan butter (melted butter with fresh pressed garlic and grated Parmesan cheese). This then results in a garlic bread/cheese pizza mash-up of any foodie's dreams. Why didn't anyone come up with this genius idea before? Who needs to dip when you can have all the flavor in a single bite?

As shared on The Pioneer Woman's blog, comments on the TikTok video range from the simple "genius" to this flavor is a version of "gentleman's pizza rolls." No matter the description, the reality is this video proves simple creativity can make almost any food tastier. Based on this garlic Parmesan butter tossed option, changing the flavors in the butter could provide endless possibilities. From a red pepper flake to even some Tajin for a Mexican-inspired option, perfecting all the flavor variations could be the next TikTok cooking hack.

What are the best dips for pizza rolls?

Although some people might want a garlic Parmesan butter flavored pizza roll based on the recent TikTok hack, other people prefer to dip their pizza rolls. On Totino's website, the brand offers several dip recipes that can instantly upgrade your eating experience. From a yummy Buffalo cheese dip to a savory ranch dip, there's a good option for everyone. Just be careful not to spill the dip — spilling on a shirt is always a party foul. 

Spoon University also has 11 pizza dip recommendations that can boost pizza eating enjoyment. Some of the suggestions — like ranch and marina — are common, but others, like honey (particularly spicy honey), seem to be pizza topping trends (via Better Homes & Gardens). One topping was quite surprising though: peanut butter. While Spoon University intended for this to be a dessert pizza innovation, we can also see this becoming a weird cult-favorite topping for savory pies. Does anyone taste a new TikTok challenge?