The Real Reason 'Taste The Nation' Means So Much To Padma Lakshmi

It's hard to believe that Padma Lakshmi has been hosting "Top Chef" for 15 years. She's made phrases like, "Please pack your knives and go," famous around the country. However, prior to the success of the competition show, Lakshmi kept herself extremely busy. She was a successful model that appeared in runway shows for designers like Versace, often traveling to Milan and Paris. She's also appeared in films like "Glitter," which starred pop super star Mariah Carey. Today, the host focuses her time on writing cookbooks and shedding light on important issues through her new show.

Lakshmi was recently able to get her series "Taste the Nation" on air, which was not an easy feat for the actress. The show features unique food from across America that's made by immigrants. During each episode, the author enjoys a delicious meal with indigenous communities and learns about their rich history and how that has inspired their food. But even after all of her success, Lakshmi said it wasn't easy to get the series made.

Padma Lakshmi believes it's important to highlight people from different communities

The television personality explained that she was looking for a passion project that would be completely her own. "Professionally, I actually had a really good year because I was finally able to get 'Taste the Nation' out there (that was a really, really hard show to even get green lit)," she told Bon App├ętit. "I've been on TV for a really long time and it took me until now to get a second show that is completely mine and of my creation."

Lakshmi said that in a year that has been focused on social injustices, she's proud to be a part of a series that showcases diversity. "It also feels good that our show was able to speak to this moment in society and to highlight food and people we don't really hear about that often, but who are very much American and very much part of the fabric of our lives," she explained. If you'd like to check out an episode, head to Hulu where season one is currently streaming.