Duff Goldman's Tips For The Best Homemade Pizza Dough

Homemade goodies are one of the best ways of transforming food into bundles of culinary delights that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own dining room — and have fun making them with your friends and family. Plus, they sometimes just taste better.

Pizza is one of the finest examples of how you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, customized to your taste preferences. Once the basics of the doughy base and a sauce are sorted out, really it's anything goes. If you want chocolate and cornflakes smeared over dough for a dessert pizza, go ahead and do it! Would melted cheese work well with peanuts? Try it anyway, and see what happens!

However, one of the most daunting obstacles with making your own pizza is perfecting the base — you don't want anything that's too doughy, overly bumpy, or so thin it's going to wobble around in the oven and break apart. Fortunately, celebrity chef Duff Goldman has the solution for perfecting pizza dough that will get it right every time.

Patience is crucial for making the ultimate pizza dough

Contained within Duff Goldman's brain bursting with so many random facts about cooking, is this morsel of knowledge about pizza dough. And who better to trust, as the chef has great experience creating fabulous dishes, such as the incredible Thanksgiving Pizza recipe he created for Food Network. He has since shared his tips in a more bite-sized form on Twitter, revealing that the way to achieve expert pizza dough is to utilize a three-day process.

On day one, the dough should be mixed. Then, wait 24 hours before shaping it into a pizza base with the shape and crust of your desire. Then, wait another 24 hours and, on day three, get to cooking it.

To ensure the pizza dough is kept fresh throughout the process, Goldman suggests keeping it cool in the fridge between the different stages (via Twitter). With Duff Goldman's well-honed tips on hand, you can finally have the homemade pizza of your dreams.