The Internet Is Losing It Over This Froot Loops Pizza

Pineapple on pizza is no longer the hotly debated pizza topic thanks to this Froot Loops pizza. Fong's Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa has started a pizza controversy with its Loopy Fruits Breakfast Pizza. According to The Takeout, the cereal-inspired pizza consists of "pizza dough topped with cream cheese frosting, mozzarella, and Froot Loops, with a drizzle of yogurt and condensed milk." Also, the pizza is served with a side of "sour cream and cream cheese sauce." Although labeled a breakfast pizza, it doesn't resemble the traditional savory ingredients like eggs, sausage, or bacon. In some ways, this Froot Loops pizza could be a dessert pizza.

As reported by the Des Moines Register, Fong's Pizza has a history of pushing the flavor envelope with pizza. Owner Gwen Page said, "Making pizzas that are outside the box has always been a staple of Fong's." While this Froot Loops pizza is causing even DiGiorno to comment on Twitter, saying, "Please do not disrespect the word pizza like this," it isn't the first time that Fong's creative pizzas have caught people's attention. Today reports that Fong's Crab Rangoon pizza appeared on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate while their General Tso's Pizza had a cameo on Man v. Food. Evidently, for Fong's Pizza, creativity with pizza dough and toppings makes this particular pizza joint a toss above the rest.

Is cereal pizza really that controversial?

Although some may disagree, Fong's Pizza says its Froot Loops pizza is meant to "bring a smile to your face" (via Today). Still, the idea of a cereal pizza isn't necessarily a new concept. In 2020, Reddit was buzzing about user AKReddit's Fruity Pebbles pizza (via Yahoo! Life). That creation, which paired Fruity Pebbles and cheese pizza, had many people dumbfounded over that ingredient combination. But, adding sugary sweetness to pizza might not be as strange as it sounds.

Dessert pizzas featuring cereal as an ingredient can be found on other recipe sites and menus. Kellogg's website has a pizza recipe that uses cereal as a crust with fruit toppings. has a marshmallow and cereal dessert recipe. In some ways, the Fong's Froot Loops pizza might be controversial because it is labeled a breakfast pizza. Given all the sugary flavors, calling it a dessert pizza could have people lining up to order two pies. Whether or not Toucan Sam will be following the "flavor of fruit" to Fong's Pizza remains to be seen. But, pineapple on pizza might not seem as outrageous as a pizza topping choice anymore.