Redditors Are Calling This Worst Cooks In America Finale A 'Robbery'

After a whole season of duking it out, "Worst Cooks in America" came to a head when host Michael Symon picked Domaine Javier to face Anne Burrell's pick, Sadie (via Fansided). At the end of the day, Sadie pulled ahead and knocked out Javier, despite Javier's excellent take on a compound butter sauce. After the season finale, fans took to the internet to discuss the close competition and vent about the choices the judges made. Reddit particularly lit up over the finale, with many left dumbfounded by how the final round turned out.

Over at r/foodnetwork, one particular redditor wondered, "How and why did the blue team (Chef Michael Symon and Domaine Javier) lose?!" This sentiment started an entire post about how many felt dissatisfied with the season's results. One user responded with, "The real robbery was Sadie winning over Stephanie with a premade burger patty and undercooked potatoes," as another redditor replied with, "That is what I thought this was going to be about. Domaine and Michael? eh ... blind judging liked Sadie's better, no crime there. But the premade burger and under-cooked potatoes, those on top of premade BBQ sauce. And knifing open the bottle is what got her the win? All she did was put premade things together Anne! I love Anne, but this one had me cringing."

A nailbiter of a season finale

While some took offense at the cooking, others hoped for Javier's win due to what she planned to do with the winnings. One user replied to the post with, "I'm honestly more upset that Sadie won than Michael and Domaine lost. I am not a big fan of Sadie's, and I would have much preferred Stephanie in the finale. I do hope Michael is going to be included in the rotation of Blue Team mentors." Another redditor agreed, saying, "Domaine cooking for the homeless and donating part of her winnings to a homeless charity VERSUS Sadie just paying a part of her student loans with her winnings makes Domaine winning much more satisfying, IMHO. Domaine could've benefited more from kitchen set prize to cook more for the homeless too. Sucks that there isn't even a consolation prize for the runner-ups."

With a season finale like this, anyone could get wrapped up in the emotions felt by the contestants and mentors alike. With any luck, the season finale of the next run of "Worst Cooks in America" should prove more gratifying and guarantees to keep audiences on the edge of their seat. If you didn't get a chance to check out this nail biter of a finale, check out the last episode when you can for an upset that has started more than one internet argument.