Burger King's Whopper Just Got Its Own Twitter Account

You've probably heard that Burger King is welcoming a new non-beef-based dish into its family. Just between us, the Whopper is taking it about as well as Scar took Simba's birth in The Lion King. One of two things happened in the lead-up to BK's June 3 chicken sandwich launch (via AP). First, perhaps the fast-food chain is feeling sorry for its former favorite and gifted the Whopper with its own Twitter account – you know, as something to play around with while everyone else pays attention to the Ch'King. Scenario number two: maybe the Whopper truly did go "rogue" (as suggested by Burger King's own official Twitter) and is now using its Twitter page to gift the social media platform with a Master Class in whining. 

We repeat, Burger King's Whopper has its own Twitter account — and whether it's associated with Burger King's official account or not — @therealwhopper has certainly got BK's attention.  

Watch the Whopper's twitter account throw a temper tantrum

Remember that time when The Evil Queen nearly got away with poisoning Snow White with an apple? If the Whopper were a Disney villain, it'd definitely be muttering into its magic mirror right now. As is, it's pouring its jealous rage into Twitter posts. "Just because some "really good" chicken sandwich comes along you think you're no longer the home of me?" it pouted via tweet shortly after forming its account. In another tweet, it calls the June 3 launch of the Ch'King: "aka the worst day of my life." And while Burger King's Twitter tried to calm @therealwhopper down and convince it that "this day will pass" (via Twitter) ... the Whopper's temper tantrum has only grown bigger. It's gone so far as to consider "quitting my job and backpacking. any suggestions?" (via Twitter). To give you an idea of the magnitude of the Whopper's distress, BK's namesake burger has only been tweeting since June 1, and already it's found 65 unique ways to rant. 

What did you say? This whole thing's just a conspiracy to build up hype around BK's entrance into the chicken sandwich wars, and the Whopper and the Ch'King are secretly best buds? We didn't see that plot twist coming.