This Is The Most Delicious Clam In The World, According To Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern has built his reputation on traveling to exotic locations and finding foods to appeal to his adventurous palate. The man has eaten some pretty interesting things that many of us may never dare to try. According to the celebrity chef's website, the host of Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" has sampled everything from horse rectum in Kazakhstan to Icelandic Hákarl to tarantulas in Cambodia. Like we said, Zimmern's tastes might be a little too adventurous for the average person.

But it's Zimmern's favorite clam that has us talking and, perhaps, giggling like we were in middle school. Recently, via Twitter, the traveling chef shared his opinion about what he labeled "the most delicious clam in the world," and you kind of have to see it to believe it. That said, once you do see it, don't feel ashamed by your initial thoughts. To quote the Progressive insurance commercial that riffs on becoming your parent, "We all see it" (via Facebook). That said, Zimmern's favorite clam might be a variety you're not that familiar with.

Geoduck is Zimmern's favorite clam

According to Zimmern, the geoduck, or giant clam, is the best tasting clam around. The famed chef tweeted, "The most delicious clam in the world! Try it and I guarantee you'll agree. The giant clam can be daunting to prepare, so watch my new @youtube video to learn how to get started." If you are not familiar with this seafood, don't worry. Per Serious Eats, the geoduck is a staple of the Pacific Northwest and if you live in the region, it is a point of pride in your culture and upbringing. And we are talking serious pride. The geoduck is the mascot of Evergreen State College. Serious Eats goes on to share that this clam's texture is briny and crunchy to the taste and wonderful to eat.

Zimmern agrees and explains in his Youtube video that this mollusk is a "filter feeder" that cleans the water. He further shares that the geoduck's neck can extend to up to three feet and weigh as much as 15 pounds, because with these babies, size matters. Did we mention this clam makes you sophomoric? Zimmern calls it "sweet" and "delicious" and he wants the world to embrace this seafaring animal into their culinary repertoire. How is the geoduck served? It can be sliced up and pan-fried or used in soups, stews, and salads because both Zimmern and Serious Eats note that its taste has a freshness about it.