The Truth About Megan Day From BBQ Brawl Season 2

You won't want to miss Megan Day as she faces 11 other barbecue experts in the second season of "BBQ Brawl" on Food Network (via Food Network). Don't let that sunny smile fool you — this lady takes her bbq seriously. A competitor on the professional pit team "Burnt Finger BBQ," Megan and husband Jason Day are a force to be reckoned with on the professional circuit (via Burnt Finger BBQ). Does any of this sound familiar? You've likely heard Megan's name as part of the team when Jason's signature Bacon Explosion™ recipe catapulted the duo to viral fame. Featured in The New York Times, this recipe was once named "the most downloaded recipe in the history of the internet."

Food Network fans have probably seen more of Megan's solo skills in a successful venture at "Chopped Grill Masters" Season 4 or on network TV staples, like "Today." More recently, Megan and Jason have been featured on "Smoke & Ribbons: A DocQmentary."

So, you might say Megan Day has the BBQ chops to be a true contender.

Megan Day offers her own take on Kansas City-style BBQ

So what can we expect from Megan Day in this competition? The pit mistress is a specialist in Kansas City-style BBQ. Kansas City pitmasters are known for their willingness to grill or smoke ALL the meats (via Spoon University). While some grillers take this meat choice pretty liberally, most stick to your more mainstream varieties of beef, chicken, and pork — not wild game and other exotics. Another trademark of KC style is the sauce, which typically tastes sweeter, and consists of a tomato and molasses-based sauce.

As for food, if you can smoke it or grill it, Megan can probably make it. The Burnt Finger team has some amazing recipes on their website, including a smoked bourbon brie drowned in baked beans, a grilled potato salad, and a tequila-infused bacon candy. Are you hungry yet? Because you may want to make room on your plate for some gargantuan game-day beef ribs, smoked monkey bread, or just drown everything in their delicious KC-Style Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

Megan is an experienced contender with many titles under her belt. She will be one to watch for sure.