The Truth About Brittani Bo Baker From BBQ Brawl Season 2

For Brittani Bo Baker, BBQ is in the blood. This talented pitmaster is poised to take down her competition in "BBQ Brawl" Season 2, according to Food Network. Baker says on her website, "My dad former NFLer Al Bubba Baker grew up spending his summers with his Uncle 'Daddy Jr' in Jacksonville, Fl working at Jenkins Quality BBQ restaurants, which are still thriving today. My dad always says he took a break from BBQ to play in the NFL for 13 years," (via Bubba'sQ). Baker and her brother James grew up working in her parents' BBQ business. Where dad mastered the smoker, mom tackled those delicious and traditional sides.

When her parents' restaurant was opened in 2006, young Baker was able to learn and work every aspect of the business before launching her own family tribute with Bubba'sQ Food Trucks in 2019. In addition to her food truck, Baker has partnered with her grandmother to create Grammaw Knows Gourmet Seasonings and with her dad for the YouTube series "The Bubba and Bo Cooking Show."

Shark Tank favorite BubbaQ Boneless Ribs

Just how popular are BubbaQ recipes created by the Baker team? The family's patented BubbaQ Boneless Ribs actually appeared on Shark Tank (via All Shark Tank Products). Dad Bubba and daughter Brittani Bo Baker appeared on the show with their special recipe of ribs that were cooked on the bone, and then deboned to be microwaveable for clean and easy eating. With a 30% investment from show investor Daymond, the two set out to market their mass-produced deboning technique combined with signature flavors. 

Shortly after this success, rib revenue dramatically increased and BubbaQ Boneless Ribs are now sold at 7,000 stores nationwide, on QVC, and in Yankee Stadium, as well as Hardee's/Carl's Jr. who sell the ribs in sandwiches. The company has an estimated worth of $16 million.

You might call Baker a true BBQ princess, but on "BBQ Brawl," she'll be out to show that she's actually the queen of the pit. While ribs may be the beginning, competitors would do wisely not to underestimate her signature seasonings with surprising flavors like hints of orange zest, thyme, and more.