Nathan's Famous Has Good News For Vegan Fans

Could Joey Chestnut be devouring a different Nathan's Famous hot dog at the annual hot dog eating competition? While the iconic brand has been serving its famous hot dogs for over 100 years, some vegan hot dog cravings have gone unsatisfied. However, if you prefer meatless options, your wish has now been granted. According to Food & Wine, the company is releasing a "100-percent plant-based dog using Nathan's 100-plus-year-old secret recipe," which will be rolling out at select Nathan's Famous locations. The 13 locations are reportedly in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, with additional locations being added at a later time.

Although this rollout is later than the original April 2021 expectations, many people will be excited to get a taste of this plant-based food option. Previously, the only way to get a taste of the vegan hot dog was to order it online. With a cost of $44.99 or $39.99 depending on the option, many people found the cost too much to satisfy that craving for Nathan's one-of-a-kind flavor. Even as plant-based hot dogs seem to be more readily available, not all hot dogs are the same. The signature spices that make one hot dog different from another applies to the vegan hot dogs as well. With one of the most iconic hot dog brands embracing the plant-based food option, it begs the question, could a vegan hot dogs take over all the shelf space from the traditional all-beef variety?

What makes Nathan's Famous hot dogs unique?

Even though most people will never eat over 70 Nathan's Famous hot dogs in one setting like Chestnut, the iconic brand is more than just that annual Fourth of July eating contest. According to the brand's website, the hot dogs still feature Nathan's wife's "secret seasoning recipe," which was created over 100 years ago. Although the hot dogs no longer cost a nickel a piece, the flavor is still the same. It goes to show that a great tasting food can stand the test of time.

The other characteristic that sets Nathan's Famous hot dogs apart is that signature snap when biting into the meat, which is due to the fact the brand makes their hot dogs with a natural sheepskin casing. While hot dog fans can debate their preference, it is one of those characteristics that makes Nathan's Famous special. Whether people enjoy a taste at the original Coney Island location or cooked on their home grill, one thing remains tried and true — over 100 years of history makes Nathan's Famous hot dogs a food legend.