Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Tainan-Style Noodles

Put down that other package of ramen because Costco is selling Tainan-style noodles. As spotted by @CostcoBuys on Instagram, the A-Sha Tainan-style noodles are on sale for a limited time. The 12-pack box of "Taiwan's Best Selling Ramen" features the brand's signature original sauce package. In addition, these noodles feature "10g of plant-based protein per serving, are made with no preservatives or artificial flavors, and are air-dried instead of being deep fried," according to the Instagram account. Whether served as an easy meal or combined with other ingredients for a heartier dish, the current Costco offer makes them worth a try.

According to the packaging, the flavor appears to be sesame and the recipe is said to mimic homemade noodles. With a "springy" and "chewy" texture, these A-Sha noodles are "air dried, not deep fried" which appears to change the texture and taste. Based on various Instagram comments, the noodles seem to be easy to make. Overall, the majority of people enjoy the flavor. Although one person felt that the sodium content was high, the majority of responses seem to be positive. If that traditional bowl of ramen doesn't entice slurping, these Tainan-style noodles might be a tasty alternative.

What are Tainan-style noodles?

While many people might have packages of instant ramen stocked in the pantry, Tainan-style noodles are different from those classic noodles in a cup. According to, this type of noodle dates back over 130 years. Sometimes referred to as Ta-a noodles or danzi noodles, these Taiwan noodles were often served during typhoon season when it was too dangerous for fishermen to go out to sea. Although the exact origin story can be debated, the style of noodles does have a long history.

According to the A-Shan brand's website, its recipe dates back 100 years. Considered by some as the "top noodle of Taiwan," the sesame-flavored noodles can be enjoyed in various ways. From simply eating on its own to adding a variety of additional ingredients, many people are drawn to this brand not just for its flavor but also for the plant-based protein component and the air-drying noodle method, which some people want as an alternative to deep-frying. While the brand says that it takes a modern approach, the time-honored tradition of these Tainan-style noodles does come through in every slurp. It might be time to put down the cup and put these ramen noodles in the bowl.