Don't Break These Simple Rules When Grilling With Aluminum Foil Packets

Summer is basically here, which means it's high time to dust off your grill and start cooking outside again. Summer evenings and weekend barbecues are a perfect time to fill a cooler up with some cold drinks and toss some meat and veggies on the grill. Not only is grilling a fun way to spend some time outdoors, but it's also an easy method of cooking that can use fewer dishes and make for easier cleanup, especially when you cook in foil packets. 

One of the trickier aspects of cooking all your food on the grill is ensuring everything is cooked properly and finishes around the same time, that way your steak is not getting cold while your potatoes finish cooking, or your vegetables end up as a burnt crisp while other items turn out fine. There are a few simple rules to abide by when grilling with aluminum foil packets, and once you master those, your grill game will be vastly improved.

Pat Martin says you should not 'overcomplicate things'

In an interview with Delish, Pat Martin, (owner of Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint and Hugh-Baby's BBQ & Burger Shop) imparted some wisdom on the art of foil packet grilling. Not only does this method eliminate a ton of cleanup, but it also keeps food moist and flavorful when done correctly. His first bit of advice is not to overcomplicate things, and remember "it's simply two sheets of foil creating a tent." His first rule of thumb is to "make sure your packet is not too tight so that the air and heat can move around. "We are, in effect, steaming everything in its own moisture.'" 

The second rule applies only if using a charcoal grill: "If you choose to cook directly over the coals, place the packets around the perimeter of the grill so that the center coals can still cook whatever you're grilling on top." 

His last recommendation is to cut everything into roughly the same size, making sure you are not mincing some items and keeping others in big chunks (think: potatoes that will take forever to cook). If you follow these basic rules, you should have great success in all your grilling endeavors this summer!