The Amazing Perk Of Being A Ben & Jerry's Employee

If you're a huge ice cream lover, you just may have found yourself wondering what it would be like to work at a major brand like Ben & Jerry's. Would they have unlimited ice cream in the lunchroom or cafeteria? Would employees be the first to know about every new flavor? Well, there are often unique perks to working at certain companies, and Ben & Jerry's takes the cake with one particularly sweet employee perk.

As the brand states themselves on their company website, all employees are able to take home three pints of ice cream, every single day, as an added perk to working there. That's right — simply working at the company means you're granted access to a nearly unlimited supply of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's even included a quote on their website from an employee, who couldn't quite believe their luck. "At first I thought there had to be a catch to this policy, but there isn't!" the employee revealed. "I bring ice cream every time I hang out with friends and family and get to try all kinds of flavors that I wouldn't usually pick at the grocery store. It's a dream come true."

Additional perks for Ben & Jerry's employees

If you're an ice cream lover, you likely don't need to hear anything beyond the three pint a day allowance to start desperately emailing your resume to Ben & Jerry's headquarters, applying for any position available. However, if you need a little more information about what employees at the ice cream company can expect, there are a few additional perks you may want to consider. One is the chance to snag naming rights of some of the company's bold new flavors. While it's not as if every employee will get the chance to come up with the creative moniker for a particular flavor, one employee did reference the chance to be involved in the process as an exciting perk. 

The office is also filled with employees' four-legged friends, a major bonus for any dog-loving ice cream aficionados, and the pup-friendly space also features a massive playground slide right inside the whimsically-decorated headquarters. There's only one downside — apparently, finding any bowls or spoons in the employee kitchen is a nearly impossible task. Perhaps that's the one challenge stemming from the easy access to frozen treats. After all, you'd need to do nothing more than find a spoon and you could be enjoying a creative new flavor desk-side. Just consider it the new coffee break.