This Might Be The Best Time To Order Lunch At Chick-Fil-A

There is nothing more disappointing than going to a fast food restaurant and ordering a meal, only to receive soggy fries or a less-than-fresh burger. This is more likely to happen towards the end of the day, when workers are winding down, they are still working through their last batch of fries, and menu items have been sitting under heat lamps for a while. By this logic, however, food items ordered earlier in the day should be much fresher and more appetizing than their late afternoon counterparts.

A Reddit user had a theory that ordering a sandwich at Chick-fil-A as soon as they open their lunch menu will result in a fresher, tastier lunch experience, so they decided to put it to the test. They ordered a chicken sandwich from the restaurant at exactly 10:30 a.m., and made a post on the online platform saying "theory confirmed" and calling the sandwich "insanely fresh" and "delicious."

Chick-fil-A sandwiches are freshest when ordered in the morning

Another Reddit user confirmed the hack, replying, "Pro tip from a cfa manager, this works for all lunch items, strips, grilled sandwiches, etc. My store would never give you a breakfast filet if you ask for a sandwich but I guess that's just Bc we're the best. Obligatory disclaimer, this does not work for nuggets Bc we always have those going for minis." The logic certainly makes sense. Food that is ordered as soon as lunch items are being prepared is almost certain to be fresher than those that have been sitting out all afternoon. However, this hack does have a downside: If the Chick-fil-A hasn't fully transitioned to their lunch menu yet, you might receive a breakfast cut, which is smaller, one user warned. "I tried this once and got the world's smallest sandwich ugh," they posted.

If you are craving Chick-fil-A for lunch, it turns out that 10:30 a.m. really might be the best time to place your order, providing you time it exactly right to ensure you get the lunch cut. However, what to do if you are not hungry for lunch at breakfast time, or if you get hungry again at 3:00 p.m. after having eaten lunch so early, is another problem entirely.