The Real Reason Robert Irvine Stopped Dyeing His Hair

Robert Irvine always seem so down to earth and accessible, despite being a popular celebrity chef. He's also comfortable being candid in his interviews about his views on work, life, food, and everything in between. For example, he told OC Weekly in an interview that if he wasn't in the food business, he'd probably chase his other dream of being in the military. "What people get out of it are leadership skills, loyalty, experience, honor, respect — all the things that we look for when we try to teach children," Irvine said.

Believe it or not, Irvine is also comfortable discussing the little things such as how his appearance has changed over the years and how challenging it was for him to be a part of "Restaurant: Impossible" when it first began (via Twitter). He revealed all this and more in a Food Network interview when he sat down with his wife and went on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Robert Irvine listened to his wife

When Irvine and his wife, Gail Kim, sat down to look at the chef's "Restaurant: Impossible" journey, they found themselves examining footage from years ago when things were pretty different (via Twitter). In one of the earliest shots from the video footage, the chef looks a lot different from his present self. One of the most obvious differences? Irvine has dark, jet black hair. His wife exclaimed at how different his hair used to look back then, to which the television personality acknowledged that it happened many years ago. Kim said she was happy he doesn't dye his hair anymore. "I was so glad that I told you to stop dye

ing your hair," she confessed. "Au naturel is the best."

Well, there you have it, it appears that Irvine is just being an obedient husband. He respected his wife's wishes and decided to quit dyeing his hair when he found out that Kim wants him to embrace his natural self.