The Surprising Amount Of Water Khloé Kardashian Drinks Each Day

Ever since the hit reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" first premiered in 2007, the Kardashian family has been in the spotlight. Youngest sister Khloé Kardashian — who now has a daughter of her own with NBA player Tristan Thompson — is well known for her flashy sense of style. But she's also made her mark in the health sphere, boasting a 60-pound weight loss, along with a transition to a healthier lifestyle over the years (via Today).

While Khloé has credited some of her svelte physique to an intense workout regimen, she also knows that drinking enough water is a key to successful weight loss (and just a healthy body in general). The standard rule of thumb for hydration is to drink two liters or half a gallon of water per day — which is about eight 8 oz. glasses — according to Healthline. But an Instagram post revealed that the third Kardashian sister actually drinks a lot more water than what's recommended.

Khloe drinks close to 1.5 gallons of water per day

In a 2015 Instagram post featuring two of her giant water bottles, Khloé Kardashian confessed to just how much water she really drinks. "I try to consume about 5 to 6 L of water a day," she wrote, which equates to about a gallon and a half. She adds that this number was determined by a nutritionist based on her body weight, i.e., just because it works for her doesn't necessarily mean you should follow suit. Not only that, but Khloé isn't perfect about hitting her hydration 100% of the time either. "Of course, this does not happen every single day but the point is I try," she continued in the caption.

Khloé went on to admit that sometimes drinking plain water all day, every day is boring. She said that her "obsession" at the time was infused water, whether it be with fresh fruit — like lemons, grapefruit, oranges, etc. — or vegetables, like slices of cucumber, or even herbs. "While infused water has the benefit of being full of flavor, it also has very low to no calories, making it a very powerful tool in your efforts to lose weight and gain better health," she explained.