How Pizza Delivery Drivers Really Feel About Digital Vs. Cash Tips

Choosing to order takeout pizza on a Friday night is an easy decision. But things get harder after that. First you have to decide where you're going to order from: Papa John's, Domino's, or Little Caesars? Then you have to decide what size pie you want, what kind of crust you'd like, and all of the toppings your heart desires (plain cheese? pepperoni? pineapple?). Once you've finally selected all of the above, you place your order and wait for the doorbell to ring (or your phone to ping) — but you aren't done yet.

Once the pizza actually arrives, you have two final decisions to make: how much you're going to tip, and whether you're going to pay digitally or in cash. The first part isn't so tough — your tip amount is obviously going to depend on the service. But what about the second part? Does it matter if you tip online or in person? Here's what pizza delivery drivers think, and which method of payment they prefer.

They take home more money with cash tips

In a Reddit thread, one user asked current and former delivery drivers whether they prefer cash or credit card tips. The answers were divided, although the majority of respondents said that, ultimately, cash tips are better for delivery drivers. The reason is that cash tips aren't taxed — while credit card tips are — so the employees end up making more money at the end of the night when they receive cash tips. One person even said that some employers take a percentage of the credit card tips from their drivers.

However, another person argued that knowing you're going to get a high tip ahead of time can be more motivating for you to provide solid service. "Posting your tip on your [credit card] and not in person, especially if it's considered generous, always helps those drivers get out the door quicker, at least where I work," one in-store employee explained.