Everything You Need To Know About Pizza Wars

Pizza makers love to hide the fact that pizza-making may not be as tricky as it seems. According to The Guardian, the process of making and baking a pizza takes way less effort than figuring out how to make the perfect loaf of bread, and only ranks slightly harder than boiling an egg. While making a pizza from scratch doesn't take a ton of effort, making a mouthwatering pie that can win over anyone proves a bit harder. Getting the ratio of sauce to cheese right, ensuring you have fresh ingredients on hand, and maintaining general flavor balance all contribute to the perfect slice. With this criteria in mind, one chef wants to prove she has what it takes to make the perfect pie in a brand new internet show.

According to First We Feast, Nicole Russell aims to set out on her brand new show, "Pizza Wars," to prove she can not only take on anyone's pizza-making skills but also has what it takes to make the best pizza ever. Russell has to take on some of New York's best pizza chefs on this web series hosted by First We Feast in head-to-head competition. Challenges range from whipping up the best New York-style slice with Frank Pinello, or creating move-inspired pizzas to wow judge Andrew Rea, a.k.a. Binging with Babish.

A new pizza challenge every week

Russell has to impress a slew of judges to win the title of best-ever pizza chef (via First We Feast). Sean Evans, Michael Imperioli, Mark Iacono, and Farideh Sadeghin all make cameos and give their hot takes on Russell's creations as she powers through challenges that test her very mettle. In the official trailer, hungry viewers can get a taste of what Russell has in store, including pies baked in cups, takes on Chicago-style pizza, pies lit on fire, and so much more. This challenge takes pizza competitions to the limit with the amount of styles and flavors shown off, and if you count yourself as a fan of this Italian-American classic, you have to tune in.

You can catch a new episode on First We Feast every Monday at 11 AM ET. There's no word yet on how many episodes you can expect to check out, but make sure you tune in to the premiere on June 21. With recipes this good, anyone could get inspired to take to the kitchen and take their pizza game to the next level.