What The Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Box Colors Mean

Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil might easily be one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. More durable than plastic wrap, it is great for food storage, and it can also be used in the oven or on the grill for easy meat or veggie preparation and no-fuss clean-up. But while many home cooks may use it every day for all sorts of projects, not everyone is aware that the company now color-codes their products. Each box of Reynolds Wrap is marked with a specific color that pertains to its particular use, making it easy to find just the one you need. 

According to Taste of Home, the colors on the side of each Reynolds wrap box correspond to each different type of wrap, which are designed with specific uses in mind. The standard box of Reynolds Wrap will be easily identifiable by the pink coloring on the box. This is the wrap that is best to keep on hand for all of your everyday cooking and storage needs, like wrapping up a baked potato or laying flat on a baking sheet to make preparing foods in the oven a snap. However, those that want something a little more durable should look for the blue box, which indicates the heavy duty wrap within. This particular wrap is perfect for preparing hearty, hefty foods, like steaks or burgers, as it is less likely to rip, shred, or tear.

Reynolds wrap has a foil for every cooking occassion

If you are planning on preparing your meat exclusively on the grill this summer, you will want to reach for a different color entirely. Reynolds Wrap also sells a special heavy-duty grill foil — sold in a signature orange-marked box — that is made specifically for outdoor use. It is extra durable, non-stick, and can be used to line grill grates, make foil packets, wrap up savory burgers and meats, and grill fresh summer veggies. And once the cooking is done, it can even function as a grill brush without getting damaged or torn, per Reynolds Brands.

But that's not all Reynolds Wrap has to offer. A green box means the wrap inside was made from recycled material, and is probably a favorite choice for the environmentally conscious customers. Those who simply want the quickest, easiest clean-up possible should look for a box with yellow coloring. Yellow boxes contain Reynolds' non-stick wrap, which is perfect for wrapping sticky, sloppy food items without causing a mess. 

Reynolds Wrap has plenty of different types of foil to handle all of your kitchen needs, and now, these easily identifiable boxes make finding and purchasing the right one for your cooking project a breeze.