Trader Joe's Fans Are Obsessed With Its New Sparkling Lemonade

Nothing says summer quite like a refreshing drink and laying on the beach. And nothing comes close to a real refresher quite like lemonade — or, even better, a sparkling lemonade, to really beat the summer heat. Trader Joe's has us covered with their brand-new offering, available now in a box of four portable cans great for taking to the beach or summer road trips.

The news has customers reeling with excitement, as seen by several social media accounts that have posted about it and have helped to spread the word about the new item to the legion of diehard TJ fans.

The Instagram account, @Traderjoeslist, shared the finding with their 1.6 million followers, saying the sparkling lemonade is great for "a stand-alone chilled beverage or as a mixer with your fave alcohol beverage." (The poster recommends tequila or vodka if you plan to mix the lemonade with alcohol.)

This is why you should get your hands on the new Trader Joe's drink

At just $3.99, Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade is a steal, coming in at just under $1 a can. The drink is "best enjoyed chilled" as noted on the packaging. And although people are generally loving it, a few Instagrammers, like @mrs_traderjoes, says one downside of the drink is the amount of added sugar (17 grams per can). Although, this is still far less than a can of soda and is a general standard for lemonade in order to even out all the sour flavors.

The original poster also claims that the drink was "more on the tart side" but enjoyed the carbonation that came with it. As well, @Traderjoesobsessed chimed in on the news by including a great cocktail recipe called a John Daly (basically an Arnold Palmer with vodka). The account promoted Trader Joe's own vodka brand in the post, and fans are loving the idea of twisting things up with the drink.

One follower commented, "I love this sparkling lemonade! I mixed it with the limoncello tonight," while another said, "I made spritzers with these and it was amazing!" 

It sounds like customers are thoroughly enjoying this item by putting their own alcoholic twist on it. Count us in!