Costco's Bite-Size Brazilian Cheese Bread Is Turning Heads

A convenient, hearty, gluten-free option for a snack or an appetizer has returned to Costco. The Costco fan Instagram account @costcobuys reported finding cheddar and parmesan-filled Brazi Bites at their northern California warehouse. The Instagram account assures us the cheese bread is available at Costco stores in the southeast U.S. and Texas, in addition to California. Brazi Bites, based on a Brazilian cheese bread recipe, have been widely popular ever since the product appeared on an episode of "Shark Tank" in 2015, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. A bag of 62 pieces sells for $12.99.

You can find Brazi Bites in Costco's frozen-food section. The bite-sized, cheese-filled bread goes straight from the freezer to the oven, and after 20 minutes, comes out fluffy on the inside, crispy-brown on the outside (via Bachelor on the Cheap). Brazi Bites are all-natural, with real cheddar and parmesan cheese, per Costcuisine. The main ingredient is gluten-free tapioca flour.

Reviewers praised Costco's Brazi Bites for being tasty and convenient

Brazi Bites Brazilian cheese bread is a hit among most reviewers, although not all reviews were positive. Bachelor on the Cheap gave Brazi Bites five stars out of five, saying they were flavorful, convenient, and cheap (an important quality for this particular blog). The site recommended Brazi Bites as an appetizer, a snack, or a party treat.

Young at Heart Mommy reviewed Brazi Bites all the way back in 2014, before they could have been swayed by the "Shark Tank" hype. This blogger found Brazi Bites to be addicting and was especially impressed by that crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside texture. They also liked that the cheese flavor was subtle, not overpowering.

Costcuisine weighed in with what would have to be called a negative review of Brazi Bites, although they were nice about it: "These aren't as good as I expected so I was a little disappointed, but they're not awful tasting either! They're just OK!" Unlike Young at Heart Mommy, Costcuisine could eat just one. Still, they said Brazi Bites were a "treat," considering they were gluten-free.