This Tip Makes Trimming Green Beans Faster Than Ever

What's not to love about green beans? This delicious vegetable isn't just for Thanksgiving — green beans are easy to cook and pair well with almost every meal, making them the perfect quick snack or yummy side dish for dinner parties year-round. From simply steaming and salting your green beans, to preparing a crowd-pleasing slow cooker green bean casserole, the cooking possibilities are endless for this versatile veggie. But let's face it: trimming a big pile of green beans can be a huge hassle. Slowly snapping the ends off your green beans, one by one, might be a relaxing activity for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately, all too often we are in a rush to get dinner on the table.

Looking to serve a green bean dish tonight? Although there are many ways to prepare this stringy staple vegetable, according to Allrecipes, "many home cooks and chefs alike swear by a method that happens to be the easiest." If you have a large mound of green beans to tackle, this life-changing trick will help you trim your vegetables in a snap!

An easy-peasy hack to trim green beans quickly

To begin your green bean prep, arrange your green beans on a cutting board so that all of the tips are roughly lined-up and uniform. Then, in a single slice, chop off all of the tips. You can cut your veggies with either a chef's knife or a paring knife, whatever you feel most comfortable using!

Lastly, repeat with the other side. Flip your vegetables around so that the other ends of the green beans are all lined up evenly. Again, chop off the tips in a single slice. Want shorter green beans? Once the tips have been cut off, feel free to continue chopping your vegetables to your preferred length.

Voilà! Your green beans are ready to be cooked and served with absolutely anything. Planning a dinner party? Ina Garten's Haricots Verts recipe with hazelnuts and dill makes the perfect flavorful side dish and will be sure to dazzle your guests' taste buds.