Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Caramel Macchiato Cups

Like Bennifer, the hype about Costco's caramel macchiato dessert cups has made a comeback, and (like Bennifer) we're loving it. Unlike Bennifer, we didn't have to wait 17 years for it to finally happen. After being spotted and celebrated in Costco's refrigerators in 2020 (via Costcuisine), Instagram handle @costcobuys has found them and is celebrating all over again. (Mama mia!) The dessert cups come in packs of six, each portion lovingly spooned into real, glass espresso-sized cups. While they proclaim to be a "product of Italy," SheKnows says they taste like "your favorite Starbucks drink." 

Grab a pack and you're almost guaranteed to feel as pampered as George and Amal Clooney, who purportedly spent a portion of June chilling on Lake Cuomo (via People). We exaggerate only slightly. 42 percent of Costco shoppers might come back for the retailer's rotisserie chicken. After reading the reviews, however, it would feel extremely hard to justify not picking up a pack of its caramel macchiato cups, too. 

Customers dish on how Costco's caramel macchiato cups taste

Spoiler alert: these things are sweet. Costco's caramel macchiato cups is a three-layered adventure composed, per Costcuisine, of a plain mouse layer, caramel drizzle, and caramel coffee mousse, the latter of which apparently tastes uncannily like tiramisu. Don't be put off by the cups'  relatively small size, the richness of the dessert inside makes up for it. "Really premium and delicious" is how one Reddit user described the coffee-based treat. "Those are perfect espresso cups!," wrote a Costco shopper on Instagram. "THESE ARE GREAT," wrote another, capitalizing every single letter. 

Still agonizing over whether or not Costco's caramel macchiato cups are worth the splurge? (And at $9.99 a pack, they are a splurge.) You can sleep easy, nonetheless, knowing that the reusable glass cups they come in seem to be dishwasher safe. "I've used them for just about everything. All of them have gone in the dishwasher on both "normal" and "heavy" cycles. Zero issues," wrote a forum member on RedFlag Deals

Bottom line? If employees say that Grey Gouse Vodka and car tires aren't great deals at Costco, the discount chain's dessert section is another story entirely. And Costco's caramel macchiato cups just might have the chain's churros, cream puffs, and cheesecakes beat.