Here's How Often Soda Machines Are Supposed To Be Cleaned

It's pre-pandemic and you want to grab something tasty to curb your craving on the go. You stop in at your favorite fast-food joint and order at the counter inside. Of course, no combo would be complete without a fountain soda! You head over to the machine to serve yourself, measuring the perfect ratio of ice to soda so you can savor the unique flavors only a soda fountain machine can provide.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the typically mundane experience of serving yourself at a soda fountain has become unthinkable. Even as restaurants reopen to the public for dine-in service, some state regulations have deemed soda fountains unsafe and fast-food chains are not hesitant to reopen with self-serve soda fountains.

However, new standards are being set in every part of the restaurant industry, including the cleanliness of machines used by the customers and staff. As more restaurants return to normal operations, what are the standards of cleanliness for self-serve soda fountains? How often should the staff be cleaning them? Learn more below!

How a soda fountain should be cleaned

According to Bernick's, a company that specializes in restaurant beverage systems, it is absolutely essential that restaurants establish the proper cleaning routines when it comes to their soda fountains. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration emphasizes cleaning and disinfecting as a main tenant of its COVID-19 best practices guidelines.

Bernick recommends that restaurant staff thoroughly clean the entire soda fountain once a day. This includes periodically cleaning the machine drain with hot water throughout the day, as well as dismantling and soaking the nozzles, bar gun, and connectors. No chemicals should be used on these parts, as hot water will do the trick. Clean brushes and cloths may be used to scrub syrup from the nozzles and dry the components. The entire machine's outside surface should be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth.

Fully cleaning the soda fountain machine daily will prevent contamination and go a long way to keep customers and restaurant staff safe as we move forward past the pandemic. Hopefully one day soon we can fill our own cups, knowing that we're all doing the most we can to ensure everyone's safety.