Joe Nasta

Seattle, WA
UW Bothell
Kitchen Hacks, Cooking For Community, American Cuisine
  • Joe Nasta is the head curator at Stone Pacific Zine, a multimodal digital publication that features creators with non-traditional backgrounds.
  • Ze self-published zir debut book of poetry, a handmade book and immersive digital experience called I Want You to Feel Ugly, too.
  • Joe is the assistant chef of zir friend group, learning lots of cooking tips from head chef Jasmine as they experiment with new recipes to cook for their community.


Joe Nasta is a queer writer and mariner who splits zir time between Seattle, Guadalajara, and the Ocean. Joe is one half of the art and poetry collective Eat Yr Manhood and runs a communal studio at the Sun and Moon House. Zir work has been published in The Rumpus, Yes Poetry, Pidgeonholes, and others. Ze co-curates a zine of unconventional art and writing at and served as a prose reader for The Adroit Journal.


Joe has studied writing independently for many years, following zir passions and learning with Corporeal Writing, Winter Tangerine, Hugo House, and others. Ze is currently a graduate student of Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell.
Stories By Joe Nasta