Daphne Brogdon's Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Late Husband Mark Peel

Over the weekend, the world learned that chef and restaurateur Mark Peel died at the age of 66 (via Eater). The co-founder of LA's Campanile and La Brea Bakery, contestant on "Top Chef Masters," and celebrated chef succumbed to an aggressive form of cancer he only learned he had nine days ago (via Deadline). Peel made waves as a protege of Wolfgang Puck and helped establish a new wave in California cuisine. His restaurant Campanile won a James Beard Award thanks to how it revolutionized the open-grill format in a restaurant, while elevating steak, Greek salad, and fish soup to new heights. 

His widow, Daphne Brogdon, remembered the late chef in a heartfelt tweet that has stirred everyone across social media. In response to the public outpouring of grief, she created a Twitter status reading, "Our 12 yr old son just told me to not be sad that 'dad is gone but to be happy we had him as long as we did.'" Brogdon has joined the rest of Twitter in mourning the death of this celebrated figure that has touched so many lives.

An outpouring of sympathy

Throngs of fans and loved ones have posted their condolences across social media about the death of Peel. Andrew Zimmern responded to the news in a Twitter post with "So sorry to hear this news. A pioneer in so many ways," while others have responded directly to Brogdon's in memoriam post with "I'm over here thinking of you, wishing I could be there helping you instead. I send my love to you and your beautiful children today, my friend, I am so sorry for your loss," and "I'm so sorry Daphne. Sending you and your family a lot of comfort through all of this."

This touching remembrance of Peel truly speaks to the impact his character and cooking has had on all of the lives around him. The culinary world lost a major figure with Peel's death and the impact his talents had on America's restaurant culture helped transform the way diners approached eating out. Thanks to his time on earth, he helped revolutionize the restaurant business and the hungry public only came out better for it.