Can You Really Eat Oikos' New Yogurt With A Fork?

Finally, a yogurt has been developed for people who tend to dribble their breakfast down their shirtfronts instead of into their mouths: Oikos' new "forkable" blended Greek yogurt, which is so thick that you can eat it with a fork, according to a press release by the brand. Though the high-protein product contains 0 percent milk fat, it gets an ultra-thick texture from creamy, farm-fresh milk and 50 percent more real fruit chunks than previous Oikos yogurts — so it should stick to your utensil rather than slide off of it.

Most of the milk used in the Non-GMO Project Verified Oikos Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt comes from family-owned farms participating in Danone North America's Regenerative Agriculture Program, a multi-million-dollar project investing in sustainable, animal-friendly farming practices, according to Oikos. See if you taste the milky difference in the strawberry, blueberry, peach, cherry, vanilla bean, and Anything But Plain flavors, available in the dairy aisle at retailers nationwide.

What's in Oikos' new "forkable" yogurt?

The three main ingredients in the fruit-flavored Oikos Blended Greek Nonfat Yogurt include cultured nonfat milk, fruit, and cane sugar, with "less than 1 percent of natural flavors, water, fruit and vegetable juice concentrate (for color), and vitamin D3," reads the nutrition information. The Anything But Plain variety contains only cultured nonfat milk. Each flavor is a good source of calcium and vitamin D, and each serving contains up to 16 grams of protein, 6 to 10 grams of sugar, and fewer than 100 calories, per the press release.

If you're concerned about how filling a nonfat yogurt could be, you can be confident that the high protein content in Oikos' yogurt will make you feel satiated after your meal. When it comes to consuming dairy, health experts say, it's ideal to eat a combination of fat-free products (like the forkable Oikos yogurt) to help reduce your intake of saturated fat along with whole-milk products that make you feel fuller and help your body absorb vitamin D (via Harvard Medical School). Fork at the ready? Find the 5.3-ounce single-serving yogurts in stores for $1.29 each, or grab select flavors in $3.99 four-packs or the vanilla bean and Anything But Plain versions in 32-ounce tubs for $5.99.