Why People Are Making Fun Of Wingstop's Hot New Item

If 2020 proved anything to diners everywhere, it's that restaurants could make miracles happen, even if they had to keep their brick and mortar locations closed due to pandemic shutdowns. According to Restaurant Dive, entrepreneurs and big chains alike opened up virtual brands that operate on delivery apps to expand their menus and reach a larger audience. Due to a supply chain shortage of chicken and in an effort to keep up with the public's interest in new chicken products, Wingstop has plans to open up a new virtual and carryout brand that helps the chain use every part of the poultry (via Bloomberg). While the chain made a calculated move in an effort to strengthen its brand, the virtual kitchen's literal name has drawn a ton of jokes across the internet.

Wingstop's new virtual kitchen focuses on using chicken thighs in its menu, and as such, adopted the official name Thighstop. Predictably, the internet cannot get enough of this name for the Wingstop offshoot. One Twitter user said, "Thigh stop sounds like an elite shorts brand," while multiple followers jumped on the thread, replying with, "Catch me working out in branded thighstop shorts," and, "with the TS embroided [sic] on the sides."

A name the internet can't get enough of

Twitter users everywhere lost it when they heard about the emergence of Wingstop's new expansion. One userĀ said, "Thighstop, against all odds, is NOT a strip club," while anotherĀ did not appreciate the brand's new product, tweeting, "Tried the thighs during the limited run. Turrible. Dry & small. Wingstop. Thighstop. Pleasestop."

While the name has drawn a ton of jokes, Wingstop's new goal of making their service more economical should lift some pressure off of supply chain shortages. According to Bloomberg, the chain used to only buy individual wings and breasts of chickens, rather than the whole bird. With the opening of Thighstop, the restaurant now plans to get the most bang for its buck by selling even more of the bird and elevating the public perception of chicken thighs in general. With any luck, Wingstop might end up having the last laugh if their new product ends up winning diners over. Make sure to keep your eyes open for this new virtual brand hitting apps soon and see if Thighstop can outlive the jokes about their name.