The Untold Truth Of Wingstop

Fast food brand Wingstop is synonymous with flavorful chicken wings and aviation-themed decor. The food itself makes you long for another piece of deliciousness. According to Wingstop's website, the brand's journey began in 1994 in Garland, Texas, when the small restaurant with its buffalo-style chicken wings managed to win over customers quickly with its offerings. "Since setting up shop in '94, we've been putting flavor first," says the company's website. "And we're not about to stop. We're all about taking our wings to another level, saucing and tossing the freshest flavors you crave along the way."

A Redditor waxed eloquent about their love for Wingstop by writing, "My personal favorite wing chain ... The best garlic parmesan wings, as well as lemon pepper." They added that they love the eatery's fries, too, especially with a cheesy dip. "Used to live right by one and now the closest one is an hour," they lamented. "Can't wait until the next time I'm up that way now." Another fan wrote that they absolutely love the atomic wings at Wingstop, and the staff members at the outlet closest to them knows their favorite order by heart, which is one of those customer service stories we all love to hear.

Its founder is a well-respected entreprenur

The chain was started by entrepreneur Antonio Swad, the name behind other popular restaurants such as Pizza Patrón and Porch Swing (via Restaurant Business Line). For Swad, a veteran name in the industry, the idea behind starting Wingstop was rather straightforward: He wanted to make wings a more prominent item in meals across the country (via Safe to say, plenty of wings fans back his decision with their business. 

In 2019, the brand launched an IPO that was quite successful. At that point, Swad said, "I was thrilled to see how well the Wingstop IPO went. For me it was just one more validation that it is arguably one of the greatest restaurant concepts ever, by any measure." Swad reckoned that Wingstop is fully developed as a brand that offers high-quality food, backed up with a well-organized operating system. Swad isn't just in the office, either. He's the founder of his brands who stepped out from behind the desk to work behind the counter at Wingstop and Pizza Patrón, juggling several responsibilities and adopting a hands-on approach in running his companies.

There are some Wingstop loyalists who absolutely swear by the brand's offerings. Another Redditor, for example, wrote that food from the brand would be their "death row meal" and would include 10 atomic, deep-fried chicken wings with blue cheese, and extra atomic sauce on the side. Now, that's a fan.