Meghan Markle Fans Love What She Did With This Leftover Cake

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visited New Zealand in 2018, sharing cake with local school children wasn't part of their busy agenda. However, as reported by Daily Mail, that's exactly the scenario that played out during their four-day royal tour of the country.

While on their visit to Wellington, the Duke and Duchess were scheduled to hold an informal discussion on New Zealand's mental health initiatives and impact on the youth at the town's most well-known coffee shop and eatery, the Maranui Cafe. During the discussion, those in attendance were served an assortment of miniature cakes, which were thoroughly enjoyed, though left unfinished when it was time for the royal couple to head to their next engagement.

But before stepping into the royal motorcade, the Duke and Duchess encountered a group of children from the local Houghton Valley School. "We just thought we'd come for a walk and head back after a while and we thought we might get a glimpse of them," school teacher Monica Mercury told 1 News. Instead, Markle went back inside the cafe to retrieve the leftover cakes to share with the children.

Meghan Markle may have broken a royal rule

It's no secret that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don't always do things by the book, and this occasion was no different. There are a number of rules that the royal family must follow while interacting with commoners, and according to Delish, food etiquette isn't taken lightly. As most know, the royals are neither allowed to sign autographs nor give hugs (via The Atlantic), but they're also forbidden from accepting food except at official functions.

Of course, there's no rule that specifically states that they can't share leftover cake from a café they just ate at, but clearly Markle was willing to break it if that was the case. Regardless, Daily Mail reports that Markle handled the situation both gracefully and professionally, and first politely asked the cafe if she could take the leftover cakes from the meeting. When the cafe agreed, the platters were then brought outside and shared with the children. It might've not been proper protocol, but Markle's thoughtfulness did steal the hearts of the children present as well as the local New Zealanders who caught wind of the news.