The Reason You Can't Share Food With The Royal Family

If you are part of the royal family, chances are you have a lot of rules and protocol guidelines you have to follow. For instance, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, cannot play Monopoly, according to Film Daily. Alas, the eventual Queen Consort will never know the sheer joy of being able to collect rent on both Park Place and Boardwalk. The Duchess must also always have her nails manicured, which sounds simply awful. Cruel and unusual punishment, for sure. (Can you sense our sarcasm on this front?)

Of course, if they are eating with Queen Elizabeth II and she finishes her plate of food before everyone else, the outlet also notes that you have to stop eating. That's right! If you have not devoured your salad or had every last bit of the Beef Wellington before the queen does, you do not get to. Honestly, that does sound rough, but hey, we know how to scarf down a meal pretty quick. But let's say you visit the local cupcake shop or pub and find yourself in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Harry — can you buy them a dozen or share a pint?

Royals must forgo gifts from strangers

Sorry, but that answer is you cannot. Per Delish, unless you are rubbing elbows with Prince William and Prince Harry at an official function, royals are not allowed to accept food or drink. Wait, what? That does not sound like a royal perk at all. That sounds like enough to walk away from the position entirely, right? Well, we did a little more sleuthing on this one and Sky News shared that royals can accept presents of food and "consumables" as long as you are presenting them with a reasonable amount. Translation? You cannot buy a keg's worth of beer for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if you run into them at The Press Room or Elsie's in Santa Barbara. There goes Thursday night's party plans, right?

However, Sky News also notes that, as long as a gift from someone the royals are not on a first name basis with isn't worth more than $150, then you are probably okay; however, if a gift is given to the royal family by someone they don't know, then it does become an official gift. We know, that's a lot to process. If you want our advice, save your money and just wish members of the royal family well. At the end of the day, it saves a lot of paperwork for their staff and gives them an opportunity to go get a manicure.