The Possible Health Benefits Of Drinking Rum

As Captain Jack Sparrow inquired more than once, "Why is the rum always gone?" Although he may not have been guzzling his spiced brown alcohol by the bottle for health reasons, his perplexity was legitimate. Rum is one of the most popular liquors in the world, and for good reason. It's the star ingredient in many delicious, tropical fruit-infused cocktails, including daiquiris, mojitos, piña coladas, mai tais, hurricanes, and dark 'n' stormies. Its sweet and pleasant yet strong and bold flavor comes from fermented and distilled sugarcane juice or molasses, reports Paste Magazine.

As with several other alcoholic spirits, many have speculated the potential health benefits of rum for centuries. And while not all rums are created equal (the darker the rum, the longer the fermentation, for example), there are some varieties that have sparked debate on whether or not the drink itself is actually, well, good for you. Let's investigate some of the reasons why you may want to add a bottle of rum or two to your liquor cabinet.

What are some of the alleged health benefits of drinking rum?

Lots of rum loyalists swear by the beneficial effects it has on the body and brain — when consumed in moderation, of course. It's all about balance. For one, a single shot of rum contains fewer than 100 calories, which is a lot less when compared to other spirits. Rum is also carb- and fat-free — by itself, at least, until you make a cocktail with it (per Greatist).

How does rum affect the body? According to Health Benefits Times, drinking rum (again, within sensible limits) has been shown to be a potential cure for peripheral heart disease and prevents artery blockage. Several studies have also demonstrated that rum consumption may help decrease cholesterol levels, keeping diabetes at bay, reports Verywell. It's also believed that taking a sip or two of rum can help relieve the common cold due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Rum can be used as an antiseptic and as a sore muscle remedy. As with any medical claim, however, it's still important to consult a doctor or healthcare professional for the most trustworthy tips.

So, there you have it. Apparently, if you drink like a pirate, you may experience some hearty advantages. Arrrgh!