People Are Losing It Over This McDonald's Secret Menu Snickers Coffee

Do you like Snickers? Do you like coffee? Then you'll love a recent TikTok McDonald's menu hack. First posted on June 1 by @secretmenudrinks, the McDonald's secret menu Snickers coffee blew up a few days later after it was reprised by @sarahmargaretsandlin. Both TikTokers do a nice job of giving step-by-step demonstrations on the McDonald's app, showing how to order their Snickers iced coffee. Start with an Iced Hazelnut Coffee from the McCafé (both TikTokers opted for a large). Then add on chocolate caramel syrup, caramel drizzle, and chocolate drizzle. Sarah Margaret improvised slightly and went for chocolate syrup instead of drizzle. They both got whipped cream on top, but both emphasized that this was optional.

The original video posted by @secretmenudrinks had 116,000 views and just over 9,000 likes as of writing. Sarah Margaret's version was watched 4 million times and racked up more than 470,000 likes. Sarah Margaret did credit @secretmenudrinks for the idea.

Prices vary by location, but for Sarah Margaret, all those add-ons turned a $1.69 Iced Hazelnut Coffee into a Snickers iced coffee that cost more than $3. Still, that price will make a Starbucks customer envious.

McDonald's employees say they can't always make the secret menu Snickers coffee

If you want to get picky, the McDonald's menu hack for a Snickers iced coffee that went viral on TikTok recently isn't going to give you the experience of Snickers flavor in liquid form. Snickers iced coffee uses hazelnut coffee as its base, while Snickers bars have peanuts in them. It would be as if the peanuts and creamy nougat in a Snickers were replaced with Nutella. Keep the caramel, though — that's very Snickers.

Comments on @sarahmargaretsandlin's viral McDonald's menu hack on TikTok were positive, except for a few that came from people claiming to be McDonald's employees. "Not a big fan of caramel in iced coffee but I have to try this one," @officially.bree21 commented. Another TikToker, who at least sounded like a McDonald's worker, commented, "We are not Starbucks lol." They added a little later that they were only joking, but they sparked a lively debate about just how good McDonald's is, or should be, at filling special orders. "We can only do so many customizations at a time. It's policy. It's fast food, not a coffee shop," one commenter said. Another TikTok user offered, "You guys are literally giving the option so y'all should make it." More than 4 million TikTok views later, we're guessing McDonald's employees are in fact making a lot of Snickers iced coffees.