The Best Way To Cure A Hangover, According To Bartenders

It happens. The dreaded hangover after a little too much alcohol-infused fun. Though a special few of us seem to be immune to the haunting headaches and spinning rooms of a hangover, others have dedicated themselves to discovering the perfect remedy — and boy, are there a ton of DIY solutions out there.

But let's face it, most of us aren't experts on alcohol. So who can we trust to give us the facts when it comes to battling hangovers? It makes sense to start with bartenders. Take this advice with a grain of salt, though: Some of these hangover cures probably aren't what you're expecting.

Thrillist gives us a list of some common along with some certainly unique hangover remedies, including pho and seafood mentions, and a very specific type of Gatorade. If you've gone through your last bottle of aspirin and good ol' H20 just isn't doing it for you anymore, perhaps one of these tricks can save your next post-drinking morning.

What is the best way to cure a hangover?

The standard hangover cures that you've heard of — drinking Pedialyte, taking a mid-morning nap, or chugging water with an Advil or two — don't compare to these unique remedies (and yes, there are several). According to Thrillist, one way to combat a hangover involves a combination of a wedge salad, heavy on the blue cheese dressing, a light beer for some hair-of-the-dog action, and a brisk shower. We're not sure of the science behind this method, but a good wedge salad doesn't sound too bad. Other ways include drinking pickle juice, enjoying a steamy bowl of pho with cucumber lime Gatorade on the side, or simply any kind of seafood.

One sad, certain truth, as Insider points out: The only sure-fire way to get rid of a hangover is to let it pass slowly and painfully. But Insider also suggests some of the traditional hangover cures and some of the more eclectic ones (like drinking pickle juice), and even suggests remedies like combining ginger beer and bitters, or drinking kombucha first thing in the morning. As you go off on your quest of hangover cure experimentation, just remember: Pace yourself, drink responsibly, and for the love of all that is good in the world, have some water.