Whatever Happened To Yogos?

Yogos may have been from the 2000s, but they were the snack of the future. These Kellogg's brand treats were a blast, and part of the charm was that no one ever seemed to be 100% confident in what they were eating. Somewhere between fruity, yogurty, chewy candy, Yogos were born. The flavors wowed kids with catchy names like Berry-Berry Banana and Crazy Berries, fans recall on Reddit. They became the hip, cool snack every kid dreamed of showing off in the lunchroom. The wacky colors and orb shapes gave the snack space-themed energy that was a hit amongst kids of all ages. 

Sadly, Yogos' time in the spotlight had to come to an end. While gaining popularity after debuting in 2005, Yogos were forced off the shelves by the early 2010s, according to BabbleTop. Despite only lasting for five years, these yogurty bites captivated snackers. So much so that fans still aren't ready to say goodbye. The love for Yogos knows no bounds, which is clear based on the multiple petitions floating around begging Kellogg's to bring the fruity snacks back. Between iPetitions and Change, nearly 16,000 people agree that it's time to bring the beloved yogurt fruit snack back.

Will we ever taste Yogos again?

Kellogg's hasn't offered much hope on these bites coming back, breaking the silence on Twitter only to thank lovers of Yogos for requesting they return. Hopefully, the slew of petitions pining for Yogos will continue catching Kellogg's attention enough for them to reintroduce the tasty treat. Until then, you may come across a secret stash of Yogos Bits at places like Sam's Club, and if so, stock up quickly because they're the last of a dying breed. Yogos Bits were introduced near the end of Yogos' lifetime, but were also sadly discontinued shortly after being introduced.

While the chances of finding the now prized Yogos for sale are rare, some similar snacks have popped up. Thankfully, Welch's Fruit Snacks released a snack that is reminiscent of the extinct Yogos. The Fruit 'n Yogurt snacks are chewy fruit snacks covered in creamy yogurt...sound familiar? They may not fill the void that Yogos have left, but they will likely make parents happier. Welch's Fruit 'n Yogurt snacks are made with real fruit and contain a variety of vitamins, whereas Yogos didn't have much to offer other than a sweet taste, according to Calorie King.