Padma Lakshmi Shared This Touching Birthday Message To Mindy Kaling

Refraining from making "The Office" jokes is a lot more difficult than it seems. Yesterday, June 24, was Mindy Kaling's birthday, and countless celebrities sent the actor special birthday messages. Padma Lakshmi, the television host of Bravo's "Top Chef," took to Twitter to praise Kaling and her successful career.

The tweet came with a picture of the two and a caption that read, "Is it weird to be proud of someone you had no hand in raising or helping in any way but have admired from afar and now are lucky enough to know?" Sorry, just tearing up a little bit.

The cooking mogul went on to mention how Kaling represents the South Indian community in such a profound way. Lakshmi followed up the tweet by saying, "Please know that all of us see you and are clapping from all of our corners ... your mom would be so proud" (via Twitter). Okay, now we are officially crying.

Lakshmi is a huge fan of Kaling's work

Padma Lakshmi went on to praise Mindy Kaling's coming-of-age comedy-drama series, "Never Have I Ever," which follows the life of a first-generation American-Indian teen and her high school dilemmas. Mindy Kaling has not yet responded directly to Lakshmi, but she did share a general message thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.

Kaling tweeted, "My life is wonderful, but also, like everyone else's, full of hard work, scary fears & disappointments. It's surprising how unsolicited kindness can really make a difference." Both women are such an inspiration for young people everywhere. Lakshmi is continuing to make food television history, as her new Hulu series "Taste the Nation" is available for streaming and has been picked up for a second season, per Variety.

The series focuses on her journey across America trying new foods within the culture of different immigrant groups. Padma Lakshmi uses her culinary expertise to find the relationship between our food and our history. This is a show we will be adding to our list!