Yolanda Gampp's Holiday Cake Tradition

Yolanda Gampp is a bit of a cake aficionado. The former host of Food Network's one-season wonder "Sugar Stars" found fame and a sweet fan base with her YouTube show "How to Cake It." According to Entrepreneur, the YouTube channel boasts 3.6 million subscribers and has racked up 332 million views on its main channel. This was all the proof Gampp and her team needed to launch "How to Cake It Step by Step" on YouTube. And ever since Gampp started down her current path, she has been making incredible cakes that are beyond crazy amazing to look at, and of course, to eat. It has even led to her becoming a judge on Fox Network's "Crime Scene Kitchen," a new series hosted by Joel McHale, which has teams of contestants using delicious clues to solve a mystery surrounding a dessert that was baked but has disappeared. 

Gampp has made some seriously impressive-looking cakes. Perhaps you've seen photos or even visited Gampp's channel and seen the celebrity chef's take on a cake made to look like a Popeye's chicken sandwich. How she carves and transforms those cakes into this iconic fast food sandwich is worth a watch. It got us wondering what Gampp's holiday dessert table looks like? Seriously, when you can bake anything, what kind of cake do you bake during the holidays? Luckily, Gampp was kind enough to share an answer to this question with Food Sided, and her holiday cake tradition is worth noting. 

Her family votes on dessert for the holidays

We have to assume that when you can make cakes like Gampp, your family just naturally lets you decide what dessert will be served at Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hanukkah, but that's what we get for assuming, because that's not what Gampp does at all. The cake master shared that she actually has her family vote on dessert during the holidays. Gampp told Food Sided, "I ask everyone to vote during the holiday seasons (for a dessert). I have some go-tos, like caramel cheesecake for Easter and Apple Pie for Thanksgiving, but I love trying new recipes all the time." We love this tradition. It definitely takes pressure off the baker and gets the whole family involved in the kitchen.

But what is Gampp's favorite cake? Red velvet? Tiramisu? Plain old vanilla cake? So many cakes and so little time, right? The television star revealed to Food Sided that she actually has a soft spot for the wonderful and decadent Black Forest Cake for a really endearing reason. Black Forest Cake was her first birthday cake and the beginning of her love affair with all things cake. Gampp shared, "I think that might be the exact moment I fell in love with cake!" And we are so glad she did.