Reddit Really Doesn't Like This Season Of Best Baker In America. Here's Why.

"Best Baker in America" got its start in 2017, pitting eight pro bakers against one another in a competition of kitchen prowess, and unique design to make desserts that are both good and good looking to win a $25,000 prize. Food Network highlights bakers each season, all considered an elite class, and competitions are fierce. One competition, highlighted by the Union Bulletin, involved a "cherry-flavored rendition of Michigan's signature 'bumpy cake' in the style of a French entremets — a multi-layered mousse cake, typically finished with a shiny glaze." 

The show, which is sort of like a "Next Great Baker" American subsidiary in its concept and rollout, has everything you could ask for — a little friendly competition, a big old prize to be won, and a little sweet treat to top it off. So, what reason could fans have to hate on it? And why one season in particular? Turns out that viewers aren't into the new changes the series has made. 

Don't fix what isn't broke

When prompted by a Reddit user, the fans started talking and it turns out there's more than one reason that audiences are not fond of the currently aired season. Firstly, they don't enjoy the new format and editing. They note that there is now an added element of losing bakers being able to win a spot back into the competition. They also said there is a heavier focus on that "bake-off" to the detriment of a focus on the main, more popular challenge.

The other reason is more personal: Carla Hall. While they don't hate her per se, many wrote that they were fans of her before, but just don't like her over-exuberance on the show. Niagara Frontier Publications announced that Hall had been added as the show's host in April 2021, joining judges Gesine Prado and Jason Smith as they taste some tantalizing treats. Maybe it's all the sugar, but fans are not digging the new tone.