Alex Drummond's Wedding Had An Unexpected Guest

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Scott! Alex Marie Drummond and Mauricio Scott are married, and fans are finally able to enjoy the experience in the Pioneer Woman "Ranch Wedding" special. Shared Alex prior to the broadcast, "Mr. and Mrs. Scott. [heart emoji] Don't really have the words to describe this weekend, and don't think I will for awhile. But we are beaming with joy and gratitude. I married my best friend and it has already been the sweetest gift!!! Glory be to God!" (via Instagram). The happy bride added as a teaser, "P.S. Prepare for many photo dumps to come because I will never stop reliving this weekend!!"

Now that fans can see the photos and videos of this happy occasion in more detail, we're happy to call out these very special VIP wedding guests at the reception. No, it wasn't a famous celebrity — well, at least not a celebrity human. Instead, it was the beloved Drummond pups.

A wedding for all family members, 2-legged and 4-legged

You can catch some adorable photos of the sweet canines attending the fun event as bride and groom stop for an adorable basset hound ear run as they walk along (via Instagram). Shares proud mama Ree, "My basset hounds crashed the wedding. They heard the commotion and walked 1.8 miles down the road to the reception. Okay, bye."

The wedding crashers in question are named Fred and Rusty, and bride Alex referred to them as her VIP guests (via The Pioneer Woman). If you look closely, you can even see the sweet pups shaking some tail on the reception dance floor. Sharing a guest's post from Instagram Ree posted a pic with the caption, "It's Rusty and Freddie's world ... we're all just living in it."

As one adoring fan reminds us all in reply to Drummonds' pup-themed share, "You can't have a ranch wedding without dogs!!! [heart smile emoji]." Awww, we love it.