This Moving Wedding Speech Made The Pioneer Woman Cry

Crying is as much of a wedding tradition as white dresses and tossing the bouquet. Ree Drummond, known to her many fans as "The Pioneer Woman" from the show of the same name, started the waterworks a little early.

Drummond's oldest child, Alex, got married on May 1 at Ree and Ladd Drummond's ranch outside Pawhuska, Oklahoma (via The Oklahoman). The night before, the parents of groom Mauricio Scott hosted a rehearsal dinner, according to an account Ree Drummond gave on her Pioneer Woman blog. One thing fans of The Pioneer Woman can count on is that Drummond gets very real and shares quite a bit of personal family stuff with the public. She dished on several moments from the rehearsal dinner, illustrated with many photos. She even told about the relative who brought her to tears with his toast. "It was the toast from Alex's uncle and Ladd's brother, Tim, that killed me," she wrote. Tim said Alex always reminded him of his and Ladd's mother. "He told Mauricio that he was getting a good one, and told him to be good to his niece," Ree Drummond related. "It was so emotional and well ... I lost it."

Her brother-in-law's rehearsal dinner toast made The Pioneer Woman cry

Before her blog post, Ree let her Instagram followers in on this tearful moment during daughter Alex's wedding rehearsal dinner. Here, we learn a little bit more. Drummond wasn't the only one breaking down. Brother-in-law Tim was choking up while giving his toast to Alex and her soon-to-be-husband Mauricio Scott. "He told Mauricio (with a cracking voice) to be good to Alex," Drummond wrote in her Instagram caption.

Tim's own emotions actually might have been the trigger that prompted Ree Drummond to cry. An article from Inside Wedding about why we cry at weddings says that crying is contagious in a way. If someone cries while giving a toast, the people listening often well up in tears, too. Psychology Today notes that mothers of the bride often cry at weddings — or, in Ree Drummond's case, the night before the wedding. Fathers of the bride are sad, too, but tend to cry less than mothers. Chalk it up to the way boys are raised. Ree Drummond said in her blog post that Ladd was "feelin' what his brother was saying" but is "not a big cryer."

Why do mothers of the bride cry? Psychology Today wasn't a big proponent of the "tears of joy" explanation. If you believe the magazine, Ree Drummond wasn't gaining a son. She was losing her daughter.