The Doritos Hangover Cure TikTok Users Swear By

Ah, the hangover cure. For years, twenty and thirty-somethings around the world have been trying to nail it. Some claim they have, while others continue to develop and test methods to no avail. Either way, the hangover cure is one of the world's longest sought-after remedies. By now, it seems like we've tried everything. From hair-of-the-dog and the "prairie oyster" to BuzzFeed's suggestions of spicy instant noodles with Flamin' Hot Cheetos or a long, cold shower accompanied by Adele's "Hello," there's no limit as to what people will do to heal their aching brains and bodies. 

But we've got good news. The TikTok-verse (which seems to have an answer for everything) has officially entered the hangover cure game. They've arrived hungover (welcome, Gen Z) and fired up about a new cure that might just be the answer we've all been waiting for. This hangover cure is so simple, millennials everywhere should feel ashamed they didn't think of it first. After all, we've been coming up with these cures for years now. What's the secret formula, you ask? Oh, it's just Doritos, but topped with a dollop of sour cream.

A hangover cure brought to you by Gen Z

TikToker Louis Levanti demonstrated the new hangover cure in a video that now has over 146,000 views. Laid before him are a purple bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and a tub of Daisy sour cream. He spoons a big old dollop of sour cream onto a Dorito, and for a moment he looks like he might throw up. But he pushes through (way to go, Louis), and puts the whole thing in his mouth. Afterward, he claims the snack was just the thing he needed.

Of course, in typical TikTok fashion, the comments section is filled with users suggesting their own various renditions of the Doritos-and-sour-cream cure. One user suggests Hot Cheetos in sour cream, some suggest Doritos with cottage cheese, ranch dressing, or cream cheese instead. But ultimately, the comment section seems overwhelmingly in agreement that some form of cheesy, spicy chip topped with a creamy dip is the ticket to curing a debilitating hangover.

There's only one real way to avoid a hangover

Look, we certainly aren't here to yuck anyone's yum, and as longtime sufferers of hangovers, we're willing to try anything. But honestly, we think the odds of the Doritos-and-sour-cream cure working better than any of the other ridiculous cures we've tried in the past (anyone remember the Pickle-Juice-Before-Bed phase?) are pretty low. In the end, the only way to avoid a hangover is to prevent one entirely by, well, not drinking too much. But alas, alcohol has a way of taking your fate out of your hands. 

So the next time we've got a hangover, we'll give this new cure a shot. The worst that could happen is we accidentally eat an entire tub of sour cream and end up right back where we started — clutching our stomachs and groaning in pain. But hey, we've been here before, and we know that eventually, this, too, shall pass.