Here's Where Rachael Ray Stands In The Pineapple Pizza Debate

When it comes to food, Rachael Ray is pretty much ready to chow down on it all. "I eat anything," she said in response to a fan-submitted question regarding her favorite comfort food, though later pared down her answer to pasta (via Rachael Ray Magazine). In the same interview, the Food Network star also shared her favorite vegetarian meal (caponata), claimed that she's "not picky" about herbs and spices, and admitted that she's "never met a fondue that [she] didn't like."

The host is clearly not fussy about food, but even the most adventurous of eaters have a dish or two that they never want to see on their plates. Guy Fieri, for example, avoids eggs at all costs, while Andrew Zimmern, who has made a career of traveling the world and sampling unique foods, isn't a fan of walnuts or oatmeal. Ray, on the other hand, holds a food opinion that is a bit more relatable.

Rachael Ray thinks pineapple pizza should be outlawed

Like any true Italian, Ray is a firm believer that pineapple should stay as far away from pizza as possible. "Absolutely hate it," she exclaimed when asked about the controversial Hawaiian pie during an interview (via Rachael Ray Show). The 52-year-old even declared that the pizza topping of Canadian origins should be outlawed unless, of course, you reside in the Aloha State. She's not alone in her sentiments, either. The debate over whether or not pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping has long divided the food world, and while it's not collectively regarded as the worst option out there, the tropical fruit doesn't exactly hold a candle to, say, pepperoni. 

"To me, there's a word in Italian [that means] gross, not good — schifo. I think that fruit on pizza, in general, is just, I can't, it's weird," Ray explained. For the television personality, the ideal slice of pizza comes topped with peppers, onions, and hot peppers. However, she doesn't hold any ill will towards those that prefer to top their 'za with the sweet fruit. "Listen, you can eat all the pineapple pizza you want," she concluded. "I'm not being the boss of you. I'm just saying, it's not my thing."