What Makes This Amish-County Costco Parking Lot Unique

Whether you visit a Costco in Westbury, New York or Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, some characteristics will remain consistent throughout every store. The storage shelves are stacked high with ramen noodles, the freezer section is loaded with everything from dips to hamburger patties, and the aroma of cheesy pizzas and decadent chicken bakes wafts through the air.

Of course, some Costco locations have services and amenities that others might not. For example, only certain Costcos are designated to sell alcohol, according to Market Watch. Others in more suburban neighborhoods might offer a gas station for members (via The Motley Fool).

But have you ever been to a Costco with horse and buggy parking? Reddit has found that this location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania offers a parking space for those who choose to arrive in a vehicle other than an ordinary car. According to Discover Lancaster, Lancaster County is the oldest Amish settlement in the country, so it makes sense why this accommodation would be made at the local Costco.

Reddit users are confused by the unique parking lot

According to the picture on this Reddit thread, the buggy parking appears to be located close to the entrance, allowing for easy accessibility.

A lot of commenters were confused as to why this parking option was available, having the notion that the Amish would have no need to shop at Costco because of their simple and private lifestyle. But the Smithton Inn, a historic hotel located in the county, states that seeing Amish customers at Costco isn't uncommon, as that is where they buy their cleaning supplies, diapers, and clothing.

Additionally, according to another commenter on the Reddit thread about the unique parking situation, this appears to be the norm for other stores in the area as well, including Walmart, Lowe's, and Target, all of which have horse and buggy parking.

The Lancaster, Pennsylvania Costco seems to have all the necessities and goods of a normal Costco, along with a food court and pharmacy. But if you'd like to scope out the unique parking lot, you can head over to 1875 Hempstead Road and maybe see a horse or two as you head in for your rotisserie chicken.