The Sparkling Water Brand Kristen Kish Swears By

Those that are already fans of sparkling water need no convincing that the deliciously bubbly drink is a good choice. But if you still haven't jumped on the carbonated water trend, then chef Kristen Kish might be able to change your mind with her reasons for loving the drink. While plenty of people simply like the guilt-free soda-like drink on its own, Kish explains that sparkling water is actually the perfect pair to many meals. She says it "has a purpose not only by itself but also to lend itself to food" (via Bravo). 

It's all to do with the subtle flavor carbonated water has over regular still water. "Sparkling water has a little bit of sodium, it has that little something that sits on your palate slightly differently," Kish says. "It cuts through fat, it cuts through fried chicken on a summer barbecue table, it cuts through great olive oil, it cleanses the palate. It kind of keeps things moving and refreshed through your mouth, which I think is also very necessary during summer entertaining." But if that isn't enough to convince you, there are more reasons to love sparkling water.

It has other added benefits

According to SodaStream, sparkling water can help with digestion, in addition to cleansing the palate as you enjoy your meal. The carbonation invigorates the nerves making it easier for you to swallow, but the bubbly water can also minimize the negative side effects of indigestion. So, it's worth trying with your meal to improve the taste of the food itself, as well as any issues you might have after dinner too. Sparkling water can also aid in weight loss because it makes you feel full and continues to make you feel full for longer.

No matter your reasons for giving sparkling water a try if you don't already love it, the "Top Chef" alum says there's only one brand of sparkling water she loves, according to Bravo. "The only fizzy water I really drink and have in my cabinet right now is S.Pellegrino," Kish explains. "I think it's because, personally, S.Pellegrino is the only sparkling water I would see in nice restaurants when I would go." So, give her suggestion a try and add it to mealtimes for a little while — you just might become a sparkling water fiend yourself.