Alex Guarnaschelli Hints At Good News For Chopped Fans

Most Food Network fans have seen Alex Guarnaschelli onscreen, whether it's been on "Iron Chef America," "Chopped," or her own show, "Alex's Day Off." One of her best-known appearances is on "Chopped" as a judge, but TV fans might have noticed that she hasn't been on the competition show recently.

Twitter user @LeonBellsprout mentioned loving all the judges but missing Alex Guarnaschelli on "Chopped," and we sympathize with this and are sure other "Chopped" fans are hoping Guarnaschelli returns to the show. And it looks like there's good news! 

Guarnaschelli retweeted this post, saying "I'll be back. #chopped." While we're glad to expect the return of Guarnaschelli as a judge, we're not sure when this will happen or how long she'll stay on the show. That being said, we'll keep watching in anticipation of her return. In the meantime, we can still enjoy watching the contestants as they whip up dishes from the mystery baskets.

Alex Guarnaschelli has this advice for Chopped contestants

With all of the experience that Alex Guarnaschelli has as a judge on "Chopped" — she's been on since 2009, per IMDb —  it's no surprise that it's her advice and attitude that viewers really miss. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, the chef revealed the biggest mistake that a contestant can make on the show actually had to do with their confidence level. "I think, mostly, they question themselves," Guarnaschelli said. "They question their choices or they forget one of the ingredients that they're supposed to use or the time gets away from them. I think a lot of those different things."

An episode of "Chopped" has a lot of action packed in a short period of time, so there's also a lot we don't see with Guarnaschelli and the contestants, so we were excited to learn that behind the scenes, Guarnaschelli says judges always send off eliminated contestants with some sage advice about how to improve (via Twitter). 

Can't get enough of Guarnaschelli? While you won't be able to catch her on "Chopped" just yet, you can always watch older episodes, which are available to stream on Food Network and Discovery+ (via Decider).