These Were Some Of Princess Diana's Favorite Foods

While she may always be remembered as the "People's Princess," Princess Diana's favorite foods might vary a little from what a commoner might serve for dinner. Although some people might think that a royal meal might be a grand affair like an episode of "The Crown," the reality of the food served at the table might not be quite as elaborate. In a YouTube video, the former princess's chef, Darren McGrady, shared a few stories on those favorite foods, cooking adventures, and even a few mishaps in the kitchen.

According to McGrady, one of Princess Diana's favorite foods was egg suzette. The potato, egg, and spinach dish seems to make a tasty lunch, brunch, or even light dinner. Overall, his recollection of her favorite foods seem to have a slight theme of "stuffed" dishes. From stuffed peppers to stuffed eggplant to even lobster thermidor, these choices seem fit for a princess. Although some of those dishes seem a tad traditional, McGrady shared that Princess Diana loved lychees. That touch of the exotic fruit seems to be in contrast to her preference for bread and butter pudding as a dessert. In some ways, it seems that the princess's food preferences were both a touch of comfort food, with a hint of glamour. Just like she intrigued the world, these food choices leave people wanting to know more.

Princess Diana grew tired of this once favorite food

As shared by McGrady, the royal's favorite food list was quite varied yet approachable (via YouTube). Although her tastes were relatively simple, her former chef did find that one food fell off the favorite list. After responding to a request for her preferred food choices and stating that she liked salmon, McGrady shared that the Princess commented "what's with all you chefs and salmon." With too many events trying to appease the Princess with her favorite food, it fell out of grace. After that comment, McGrady would change his responses when asked about her food preference requests.

The cook also shared other tasty tidbits about Princess Diana and her food choices. Although she occasionally preferred to enjoy her lunch in the kitchen, it appears that she was not a good cook. From McGrady labeling dishes with cooking time sticky notes to having to call the palace guard for a potential gas stove problem, it seems that the princess was best left to enjoying a plate of food instead of preparing it.